It’s a brand new year and the dust is finally starting to settle after an incredibly busy holiday season.   My intention during December was to put together a “Best Of” to round out the year in music from my experience, but my show schedule didn’t leave enough creative juices in the tank to put […]

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A New Hope

A New Hope   As mentioned in previous posts, a lot of hip hop purists today complain about the lack of depth and craftsmanship being displayed by contemporary artists.  Thankfully, this doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, they just struggle to be heard through the litany of noise created by sub-par artistry backed by big […]

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Radio Silence

This time of year can be a real grind for a lot of us music professionals.  It’s great because in our profession we can deal without a lot of feast and famine situations financially, so being busy is good.  For a working DJ this isn’t something we experience in the month of December.  With Christmas […]

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Boom Bap

I remember back in the day when an older kid in the neighbourhood came home from the UK at the end of the summer. He was all decked out in a red Adidas tracksuit and matching shell toes with a fat boombox in tow.  It was my initial first-hand interaction with hip hop culture.  Initially […]

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Four to the Floor

  During my formative years I began to immerse myself into the world of Hip Hop.  Everything about the culture appealed to me, from the dancing to the DJing and everything in between.  It still does, but early in my twenties when I left the nest and began paying my own way in life, I […]

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The Alpha

Over the years, I’ve marched and stumbled my way through a career in music.  Nothing spectacular, but enough to keep a roof over my head, food in the fridge, and then some.  There’s been some highs and of course, my fair share of lows, but it’s always felt like something I should be doing.  Almost […]

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