August Long Volume 1

Look at that mug! This is me in front of my residency at the Roxy in Vancouver. It’s always a barrel full of monkeys here, let me tell ya, but that is a novel for another day. Weekends are always the jam but when you factor in the long weekend then it tends to get […]

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Weekend Politics

Mad shouts to everyone that continues to follow along to what I’m doing here at DJWW. If you’re not already, I suggest you follow my on my other socials like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. I post the links at the end of most of my content and it’s a good way of getting a better […]

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Trailer Trap

Trailer Trap I knew it was coming. In one shape or the other this new genre was an inevitability. The influence of hip hop and country on popular music cannot be understated. While they individually inhabit opposing ends of the music spectrum, they have been mingling with listeners for decades. I remember a friend telling […]

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This week is the first installment of my ongoing music series I will be trickling out in the coming months.  I’ve produced several projects through the years in the world of hip hop and electronic music but have slowed down the pace significantly over the past 5 to focus my energies on a lot of DJ […]

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How to Dance for an Hour Straight

Most of us know the answer to this question, don’t we (hint: it’s not cocaine)?  Find out where your favourite DJ is playing, adequately hydrate yourself and go give’er.  Now, if you can’t get out to the club, concert or festival, I have outlined an appropriate course of action in 3 easy steps down below. […]

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