Isolation Therapy

Isolation Therapy:  Day 9 Just had a funny moment in the stairway of my building.   I was about to open the door when I noticed somebody opening it from the other side.   I took a step back and smiled as a lady in my building jumped a little bit from being startled.   […]

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Well, That Escalated Quickly

Let’s be honest, though. It didn’t. We had some pretty clear indications here in North America well in advance of the current lockdown we are all experiencing which I like to refer to as House Arrest Lite. The data points were everywhere over the past few months from conversations with smart industry peeps who were […]

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In The Meantime

While I put the finishing touches on one of my more sizeable pieces (look out for that next week), I figured I should drop a line and share some music that has pinged my radar over the last week. Radiohead’s Creep has been covered a bunch of times and here is another one to add […]

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Beats & Pieces

February 2020 With the longest January in recent memory (or is that every January?) coming to a close, I think we’re all glad to put that one in the rearview mirror.  In Vancouver, we spent most of it in a see saw battle between blizzards and torrential rain.   After the liquid deluge of last […]

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January is usually a nice and mellow start to the year after an action-packed holiday season capping off with the biggest party of the year on NYE.  December 2019 was probably my busiest month ever and lucky for me January has turned into a bit of a beast too.  The usual onslaught of gigs as […]

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Alternity 2019

Being a DJ, I obviously have an affinity for beat-based music.  It’s our bread-and-butter.  I grew up on a solid diet of hip hop and when I first ventured out into the world and began to fend for myself. I discovered house music, techno and drum and bass.  But like most DJs, my taste in […]

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Peace Out 2019

With 2019 about to enter the record books, I sit here reflecting on what a glorious year it was.  Well, not really glorious, but it was good enough and definitely not as bad as some previous annual stretches I’ve had to endure.  In the midst of putting together the last big event of the year, […]

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