Peace Out 2019

With 2019 about to enter the record books, I sit here reflecting on what a glorious year it was.  Well, not really glorious, but it was good enough and definitely not as bad as some previous annual stretches I’ve had to endure.  In the midst of putting together the last big event of the year, […]

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Strobe Light

Lately, I’ve been spending a good chunk of my listening hours digging deeper into the tech side of house.  I’ve long been a fan and love the lane this style cuts through both sonically and energy-wise.  When you get the right crowd who shares your appreciation, good times ensue.  I need more of this life […]

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Beats & Pieces

Say what you want about social media; that it’s an incredible waste of time, it’s like the McDonald’s of reading, it’s toxic psychological ramifications could be the downfall of humanity, but it does have one redeeming quality: it’s great for crowd-sourcing. I recruited some heads in my network for some help on this latest instalment. […]

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The Block

I gotta level with ya. I’ve got a bunch of half-written stuff in the can here but am having trouble pulling the trigger and finishing them off. Some are pretty long and took a bit of research while others are good chunks of stuff I haven’t yet got the guts to release. It’s been a […]

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If you work in the entertainment or hospitality industries, you are well aware of how much promoters and venues squeeze every last drop out of Halloween. Festivals, club nights, concerts, goth weddings, you name it! You can’t really blame them. You gotta get in while the getting’s good, and the increase in numbers that the […]

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Biohack Your Workday

This article has some great insights into achieving a better work life balance. Not by working more, but by working less and recovering more effectively. It’s when we are not sitting in front of our computers when the mind is free to wander and great ideas materialize. As it relates to music, the author speaks […]

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Beats & Pieces : October 2019

First off, I should give some props out to the super dope homeboy James Landau, who gave birth to another fresh AF instrumental project called ‘Blueberry’, late last month. His previous two works in the series ‘Sabbatical’ and ‘Sentiments’ both are solid moody numbers worth checking out, but pop this bad boy on get a […]

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