Strobe Light: June (Part 1)

Strobe Light: June (Part 1)  The Season With summer just around the corner our senses are beginning to get glimpses of the months ahead.  The smell of a trusty grill doing its work, the hustle and bustle of a busy patio and the steady thump of a kick drum emanating from various venues and vehicles. […]

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Homeboy Sandman

Homeboy Sandman   Must’ve been the Stones Throw Insta-feed that blipped Angel Del Villar, aka Homeboy Sandman onto my radar, once again. It was a name that I recognized but hadn’t put the time into digging too deep.  I guess it was the unconventional nature of seeing an underground hip hop music video being shot underwater […]

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Beats & Pieces May 2019

Beats & Pieces May 2019 My ears are always open. Whether its switching through stations on the satellite, watching a movie or walking through a store, DJs and music types are always listening. It’s our job and quite honestly, we can’t help it. Rather than wait until I can put these gems into relatable topics, […]

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5 Remixes You Should Hear

5 Remixes You Should Hear By JT James May 2nd, 2019 The remix has been around for decades but has never been more popular than it is today. Its evolution continues with fantastic and sometimes head-scratching results. The roots of remixing can be traced back to the Jamaican dance hall scene of the late 60s […]

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Toque usage hit an all time high and this fact was not lost on the crew.  Jokes were made. Freestyles were ciphered and lines were written.  We may have taken this joke too far. But, I’m glad we did.  You probably don’t want to know how much time I spent on this bad boy, but […]

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