Summer Sounds

Contrary to what I’ve heard around the block, the summer is not over yet peeps.  Do these people know the first day of fall is still a month away? Get that nonsense outta here!  Now, I might be a bit biased because I’ve finally found some breathing room between now and a solid run of shows at […]

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August Long Volume 3

6:37pm My annual show at the Park went down pretty smooth. Having done this for a few years in a row, I’ve learned a thing or two about the vibe and making the hectic drive in a bit less dicey. There are major road closures due to the Parade and related festivities, so it can […]

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August Long Volume 2

Had a sweet little recharge today before things start to get crazy later this evening. Living on the North Shore provides a nice little sanctuary from more hectic locales around the 604. I spend a lot of time by the ocean, partly for the chill vibes and also due to its proximity to two of […]

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August Long Volume 1

Look at that mug! This is me in front of my residency at the Roxy in Vancouver. It’s always a barrel full of monkeys here, let me tell ya, but that is a novel for another day. Weekends are always the jam but when you factor in the long weekend then it tends to get […]

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Weekend Politics

Mad shouts to everyone that continues to follow along to what I’m doing here at DJWW. If you’re not already, I suggest you follow my on my other socials like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. I post the links at the end of most of my content and it’s a good way of getting a better […]

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