DJ Basics

5 Tips for Beginners  Pursuing a career as a DJ can be an exciting and sordid affair.  Like most things in life, if you get into it for the wrong reasons, then you’re probably not gonna get very far. The early stages in most career pursuits are paved with times of economic uncertainty, self-doubt and […]

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Artist Profile:  Leon Bridges Have you every heard an artist’s voice and immediately felt a connection? Something about them, be it the gritty angst seeping through their vocal chords or their carefully chosen words, just resonates.  If we are self-professed music lovers than this has no doubt happened a few times. Such was the case when […]

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The Noughties

I’ve played plenty of retro nights in my day, and any DJ will tell you that there are certain tracks that have aged to a particular vintage that can have a huge impact on your set.  Whether it is a remix, interpolation, cover or original, songs with a bit of history pack a punch of […]

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Hiring a DJ

  Hiring a DJ: Ask These 3 Questions     By JT James  March 8, 2018   Chances are if you are reading this you have been tasked with hiring DJ entertainment for a corporate event, club night or wedding.  Music is such an important component of almost any type of event, so it has […]

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House music has been a huge part of my life since that first big party back in the day. I honestly couldn’t tell ya where it was exactly.  Industrial park in Burnaby?  By the water in Richmond.  Who knows?!  I can tell you that musically, it was a life-changing event.  After that, I would venture […]

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, By JT James   JAN. 6, 2018 Earlier this month marked 4 years since I had my last adult beverage.  It came and went with not a whole lot of fanfare just the way I wanted it.  I’m grateful that it just isn’t something that I think about so much anymore, and I’m happy with […]

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