Cold November Rain

Been a minute. I’m working on a couple pieces that need some time to marinate before we fire up the stove, again. It’s been a crazy month and things are starting to look less than ideal as the nights get colder and longer in the 604. So, I figured it was time to send up […]

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The Saga Continues

Photo by: Khachik Simorian A few months ago the harsh realities of being a DJ in the middle of a pandemic became abundantly clear. Oscillating between a steady rotation of shock, depression, and aspiration as spring turned into summer, with the hopes of starting to get back to normal in the fall. At the latest. […]

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Something About That Vibe

Good producers can capture a vibe and an essence that fits perfectly to a particular artist.  This can be said of all genres and is especially true when it comes to hip hop.  There is something magical that occurs when a beat maker goes digging and finds the perfect elements to chop and program and fit everything […]

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Time to Chill Again

Squeezing every last drop out of summer is something I try to do every year in September.  This month often provides some extended days to enjoy the city’s sweeter spots without wading through the typical summer crowds. School’s back, vacations are wrapping up and for most it’s time to pick up the pace and get to […]

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Texas Gems

Image: Daniel Cartin When two of your favourite new artists join forces to collaborate you can’t help but be thrilled at the possibilities.  Such is the case when I stumbled across Texas Sun by Leon Bridges and Khruangbin.  A fitting title for the two acts that hail from Fort Worth and Houston, respectively.  No doubt these rising stars crossed paths […]

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21st Night of September

Gonna keep it short and sweet on this one. If you’re a DJ or maybe just someone who’s likes it real funkay, then chances are you’ve heard this jam by Earth, Wind and Fire. Seeing as today’s date is dropped in the lyrics to the song, might as well add this one to the evening’s […]

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Industry Red Alert

When things hit the fan in the middle of March most people in the nightlife community who were paying attention knew we were in some trouble.  While a month of no gigs would be a significant blow to the finances, it wouldn’t be enough to ruin us.  Two months might take some significant finessing, strict budgeting and […]

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