Behold The HRSMN

In the world of music, band members doing solo projects or side projects is nothing new. The fact that some groups stay together for any significant length of time is impressive when considering the amount of ego and artistic differences that can emerge in such coalitions. As a creative, eventually you will reach a point […]

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Beats & Pieces: Spring 2021

Here’s our latest assortment of gems and jams that have been getting some serious spins in venues such as the work van, my patio, and new workout playlist. With light beginning to appear at the end of the tunnel, and music brethren from around the world beginning to perform again, I think we’ve seen the […]

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The Pivot

Finding the time to write something as simple as an update has proven to be more difficult than I had imagined.  Having your career pulled out from under your feet takes a bit to get used to and it turns out for me, it was around 6 months of fear and uncertainty before I decided […]

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Alternity 2020

In a year most of would like to quickly put in the rear-view mirror, it’s important to get a healthy dose of perspective and find some silver linings, as allusive as they may be.  For one, I think overall as a species, we are much cleaner.  Hand washing regimens bordering on the psychotic mixed with junkie like […]

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Hey, did you guys grab your binoculars and check out the super cool Saturn and Jupiter conjunction?   Ya, me neither.  I mean, I saw some photos on Instagram and that’s just gonna have to be enough.  With optimal viewing time clocking in around 4am in this neck of the woods, it rests just outside a new sleep schedule. […]

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It took me awhile to put two and two together after watching Aluna’s YouTube performance video.  A friend suggested we check it out and something happened as the last minutes ticked down on the 45-minute performance.  I came to the realization that for the very first time in my illustrious entertainment-binged 2020, filled with escapism tendencies and […]

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Cold November Rain

Been a minute. I’m working on a couple pieces that need some time to marinate before we fire up the stove, again. It’s been a crazy month and things are starting to look less than ideal as the nights get colder and longer in the 604. So, I figured it was time to send up […]

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The Saga Continues

Photo by: Khachik Simorian A few months ago the harsh realities of being a DJ in the middle of a pandemic became abundantly clear. Oscillating between a steady rotation of shock, depression, and aspiration as spring turned into summer, with the hopes of starting to get back to normal in the fall. At the latest. […]

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Something About That Vibe

Good producers can capture a vibe and an essence that fits perfectly to a particular artist.  This can be said of all genres and is especially true when it comes to hip hop.  There is something magical that occurs when a beat maker goes digging and finds the perfect elements to chop and program and fit everything […]

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Time to Chill Again

Squeezing every last drop out of summer is something I try to do every year in September.  This month often provides some extended days to enjoy the city’s sweeter spots without wading through the typical summer crowds. School’s back, vacations are wrapping up and for most it’s time to pick up the pace and get to […]

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