What’s Good? November 2018

Now that the Fall hiatus is over, we can start dishing out some slick new joints for your listening pleasure.  Lately, I’ve been discovering the long lost art of the album by giving them a thorough listen during my visits to the gym or out on the trail.  It’s a great way to multitask and […]

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Street Knowledge

The world of music and entertainment has never been the same since N.W.A.’s sonic assault on the world in the late ’80s.  Dr. Dre is a music, technology and business mogul with his fingers in the jar at the world’s biggest company.  Eazy went early in a Shakespearean death, Yella is well, Yella.  And that […]

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DJ Basics

5 Tips for Beginners  Pursuing a career as a DJ can be an exciting and sordid affair.  Like most things in life, if you get into it for the wrong reasons, then you’re probably not gonna get very far. The early stages in most career pursuits are paved with times of economic uncertainty, self-doubt and […]

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Artist Profile:  Leon Bridges Have you every heard an artist’s voice and immediately felt a connection? Something about them, be it the gritty angst seeping through their vocal chords or their carefully chosen words, just resonates.  If we are self-professed music lovers than this has no doubt happened a few times. Such was the case when […]

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